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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I own the NFT artwork created?

Once we deliver over the final files of your NFT illustrations and designs, yes, you will be the full owner of the artwork, and will be able to sell it.

Can I create my NFT? How much does it cost to create NFTs?

Yes. You can create your NFTs and even sell them for a profit. The process of creating or minting an NFT is listed below: Step 1: Choose a platform where your wish to sell your NFT Step 2: Set up a Wallet Step 3: Connect your Wallet Step 4: Create an NFT (the cost of creation depends on the quality and size of the artwork). Step 5: List your NFT

If I want you to create my NFTs, doI need to have an idea?

If you already do have a concept, it is great! If not, we can brainstorm about it together, choosing a character and a style of drawing.

Can JPEGs be NFTs?

No. A lot of people seem to mistake NFT for the external media it’s tethered to such as documentation, tickets, JPEGs, etc., — which diminishes the concept of the token itself.

In which marketplace will I be able to mint or sell them?

Once you have your NFT illustration artworks ready, you will be able to mint and sell them in any marketplace of your choice, such as OpenSea, Solanart, Superare, Rarible, Nifty Gateway, for example. You’ll also be able to do the minting on your own website with the help of a developer.

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