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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The primary need of a business is to have an application or a system in place to effectively handle the sales processes, manage customer relationships and collect vital data about customers, such as purchase history, revenue generated, upselling/cross selling opportunities and prepare sales quotations or orders.

What is ERP?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software integrates all departments and functions across a company into a single computer system that serves each department’s unique needs. An ERP solution combines them all into a single, standardized platform that runs on a centralized database so that different departments could share data and communicate with ease and efficiency.

How long will it take to fully implement ERP / CRM in an enterprise?

Commonly, there is no defined time for it, as kit completely depends on your business requirements and processes. Basically, a short and a small enterprise ERP / CRM software could range from a quick start which takes a few days. Whereas, a long and complex ERP / CRM implementation could take several weeks or months to fit into the existing business environment.

Who can use an ERP / CRM System?

Anyone can. From small businesses to large scale enterprises, businesses of all sizes and of all industries use ERP / CRM systems. ERP / CRM have grown to encompass all of the needs for a wide range of industries, And because of ERP / CRM' modular structure and cloud based interface, even the smallest of organizations can take advantage of the powerful features that an ERP / CRM solutions have to offer.

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